Instagram users are facing a night without access to the popular social media app as it appears to be down and not working.

Problems seem to have started at around 9.45pm tonight with hundreds of reports across the UK and many parts of Europe.

Independent website monitor, Down Detector, is showing a surge of issues with users currently unable to access or use the app.

Down Detector is an independent website which tracks social mentions around certain topics to detect outages across the globe.

Users of the Facebook-owned social network have also begun flocking to rival service Twitter to report issues with Instagram.

One fan of the app tweeted: “My instagram is down so I had to come on twitter and make sure I’m not the only one

And another added: “The app is completely down, I can‘t even log in – like what is going on?”

It’s currently unclear what is causing the problems, or when Instagram will be back online.

This isn’t the first time this year that Instagram users have faced issues with the app.

Instagram has been hit by a number of outages in 2018 with a number of users unable to access the app as early as last month.

Outages also hit Instagram in May and July.

Along with Instagram it also appears some other Facebook-owned services are also struggling tonight with WhatsApp and Facebook fans suffering problems.

One Facebook users confirmed: “My Facebook just keeps coming up with an error message when I try to log on saying error code 1”

And another added: “Just getting a message: “Service Unavailable”