If I was a real estate agent, the one thing I would do would be to review the areas around the places where I sell homes.

For example, if I’m selling homes in George Town, Cayman Islands, I’m putting out daily pieces of content, either video, written or verbal, ideally all three, reviewing the schools, their teachers, local business, shops, restaurants, and also literally the people in the neighborhood and community for years or decades.

Essentially I’m putting content to get you in love with the stories around the area, and that’s because people buy on utility, what I mean by that is convenience of transportation to and from work, the school systems, etc. And true there is a lot of data out there in these things, but by putting out unique content, you build trust and make it a little warmer for the buyer.

So in summary, I would put out daily content, around the area where I am selling homes, with unique stories that will create emotionally connections, and could make the difference between wither someone buys your home.

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