Brooke Sippel

We brought Brooke on as a photographer to make sure you can relax during your trip. Let her work her magic behind the lens to capture all your favorite memories of the day!

Even though Brooke is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania she practically grew up in Grand Cayman. She spent all of her summers here since she was a baby and fell in love with the ocean, just as you will during your charter with us. As she got older she started learning that the ocean is a lot cooler if you spend some time beneath the surface so she started scuba diving and began racking up all the certifications she could until she was an instructor and there was no turning back. She left her Architectural Studies at Virginia Tech to begin devoting her life to her passion, the ocean. She began to put her photography skills to the test in the underwater world and fell in love all over again. As an artist her eye for capturing beauty came naturally. Brooke has won a number of international photo competitions.

She can’t get enough of the ocean so you may even see her out crewing the boat without a camera attached to her hand!